Learn | Announcements | Matilde Alves | 29 April 2024

Deeploy welcomes new board of advisors

We are excited to welcome such an exceptional group of individuals to our Board of Advisors. When forming our board, we aimed to bring a diverse mix of perspectives and backgrounds in finance, regulation, academia, and technology, which is invaluable for driving growth and success.” – Maarten Stolk, CEO of Deeploy

Meet our new strategic advisors

Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen is a senior partner at LUMO Labs an impact-driven venture capital fund. She is an advisor and (angel) investor in multiple tech scaleups. Throughout her dynamic career, she has gone from law practice to holding several leadership positions at De Nederlandsche Bank as well as the position of director of regulatory affairs and part of the IPO team at Adyen.

Martijn van Berkum, now an advisor and angel investor in various software companies and software funds, has decades of experience in starting and scaling up SaaS B2B-oriented companies, founding companies to the likes of GX Software and BlueConic.

Stefan Leijnen is an influential voice in the Artificial intelligence space. In addition to being a professor at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, he is also in the lead for EU Affairs at AiNed, the National Growth Fund-programme focused on helping Dutch organizations take essential steps with AI that are of great economic and social importance.

Our commitment to responsible AI

The increasing integration of AI into critical sectors like finance and healthcare has underscored the need for responsible AI practices, with a growing demand for transparency and ethical deployment.

At Deeploy, we’re dedicated to responsible AI. Our platform is tailored to enable responsible deployment and ensure the explainability of AI, especially in high-risk scenarios. We make AI transparent and understandable, ensuring that every decision is explainable and accountable.

Looking Forward

With the support of our new strategic advisors and the continuous trust of our stakeholders, Deeploy is set to solidify its position as a key player in the Responsible AI field. We look forward to keep shaping a future where AI is used responsibly and ethically for everyone’s benefit.