Join us!

What is it like to work here

At Deeploy we love to be part of a team. Sounds a bit cliche, but o so true, as a team we are stronger than individuals, we learn from each other, both on a professional and personal level. Above all working should be fun! The following values are leading in building our team and culture.


We like to help each other out and acknowledge the added value of working in a team.


We are honest and open towards our self and others. We know and talk about our strengths and weaknesses in order to grow and excel.

Down to earth

We are ambitious, but we do have two feet on the ground.


We have an intrinsic drive to discover new challenges, people and organizations.


We like to move fast! Quality is a learning process that happens during development. With progressive insights we adjust goals and approaches when necessary making ourselves and the product better.

Your questions, answered.

Do I have what it takes to work at Deeploy?

At Deeploy we like a challenge. The beautiful thing is that we are in unexplored territory. So we look for people that are creative and like to invest in research and work with our end-users. This way we try to make the best choices possible for our users.

How should I apply?

Check our openings and press the apply button. We look forward to hearing from you!

How does the application process look like?

Because we think finding and hiring team members is one of the most important things we need to do right as a company, we designed a simple process so you know exactly how we proceed.

  • Step 1: apply for the job and give us a good impression of yourself. Next to a CV and motivation we are even more interested in personal projects that you are proud of.
  • Step 2: we schedule a meeting with one of our founders. This is a short informal meeting where we are mainly interested in who you are, what you value and where you are proud of. We may highlight some interesting things we read in your application but we certainly are not going to discuss your CV step-by-step.
  • Step 3: we invite you for another meeting, preferably with 2 team members who you are likely to work together with in your job. This time we give you a nice coding challenge. Depending on the situation we ask you to prepare the challenge before the meeting. Or even better, we invite you to solve the challenge in our office so you can get a grasp of the Deeploy atmosphere as well. We value your time, so we timebox the challenge to max 3 hours. Remember, experience is a nice bonus, but we mainly look at your engineering potential and team fit.
  • Step 4: we make an offer and welcome you aboard!

How can I stand out during the application process?

In our application process we focus on teamfit and potential. To give you a bit of grip on what we see as relevant experience, you could think of for example: inspiring personal projects that show your skills and passion, relevant studies, relevant working experience. Just really be yourself and try to open up so we see the best version of you.

What should I expect from the first month at Deeploy?

In the first month at Deeploy we will get your familiar with out tech stack and you will get to know everyone of the team. Together and with help from a buddy you will just start on you first own user stories. Learn by doing. Expect a lot of new information, learning and fun along the way!

What about personal and professional development at Deeploy?

At Deeploy we are in a continuous learning process. With progressive insights we adjust goals and approaches when necessary making ourselves and the product better. We like to work in dedicated and multidisciplinary teams where all team members can have their own speciality. Choosing a speciality is not a formalized process, rather a natural one where you show your passion and we help you improve. So we will coach and help you along the way. One of the ways we do this, is by organizing regular 1-1 meetings where you decide the agenda.