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Deploy your models with transparency, control, and compliance

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Manageable & complete

Deploy, manage and monitor models

  • Seamless model deployment & versioning
  • Easy oversight of all running models
  • Monitor traffic, performance, evaluation & drift
  • Set custom alerts on metrics that matter to you
Overview and manageability of models and monitoring of model performance.
Model predictions and corresponding explanations

Transparent & Explainable

Open the black box

  • Explain every prediction to end users, with a large set of methodsƒ
  • Access out-of-the-box explainability features
  • Have experts weigh in and give feedback through a feedback loop
  • Use the collected feedback to continuously improve model performance

Compliant & responsible

Ensure compliance to upcoming regulations

  • Compliance documentation on the EU AI Act and the EU DSA
  • Automated checklists on security, privacy, and vulnerabilityƒ
  • Full audit trail, change log, traceability and reproducibility
  • Clear ownership, documentation & model cards
Compliance overview for deployments and compliance checklists.
Products and platforms Deeploy integrates with

Open & Independent

Seamlessly integrates into your current workflow

  • Support for major AI frameworks: pytorch, sklearn, tensor flow, xgboost,…
  • Support for major XAI frameworks: shap, anchors, MACE, PDPƒ
  • Integrations with Sagemaker, Azure ML, MLFlow,…ƒ
  • Intuitive UI, Python SDK, and extensive API layer
  • Available on the AWS and Azure Marketplace within your commit


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