Our story

The journey of the company Deeploy started in 2020, but the ideas that were the fundament for Deeploy were shaped over many years. With a growing number of ML models going to production in all industries, we believe it is time for a solution that ensures manageable, explainable and accountable models.

August 2020

The journey starts

Tim, Bastiaan, Maarten and Nick decide to launch Deeploy.

September 2020

The team is ready

Deeploy hires its first developers to start the adventure.

October 2020

First customer!

We started our first project with Wunderflats, in Berlin!

April 2021

Deeploy is live on AWS Marketplace

Deeploy is now available on Amazon Web Services.

May 2021

The family keeps on growing

3 new people joined Deeploy.

December 2021

Deeploy closes €1M funding round

First investment round led by venture capital investor Curiosity.

February 2022

From Amsterdam to Utrecht

New office, new home 🏠

September 2022

Our Responsible AI series kicks off

Bringing research and corporate practice together to share the latest trends in AI.

February 2023

Industry leaders in Finance and Insurance signed

Embracing Responsible AI at Bunq, Independer, and PGGM

May 2023

Now serving Start-ups, Scale-ups & Enterprises

Opened up our platform for free to our Community

June 2023

Closed Seed Round leading to a total of €2.5M

Scaling our platform to meet EU regulations and expand across Europe

Our team