Our vision

AI is changing the way we live and work. We believe it’s crucial to use AI safely, ensure governance and explainability, such that everyone is able to steer AI in the right direction.

Our story

The journey of the company Deeploy started in 2020, but the ideas that were the fundament for Deeploy were shaped over many years. With a growing number of ML models going to production in all industries, we believe it is time for a solution that ensures manageable, explainable and accountable models.


The journey starts

Deeploy is born from the necessity of bringing transparency into the rapidly advancing AI landscape.


Deeploy closes €1M funding round

First investment round led by venture capital investor Curiosity.


Deeploy adopted by industry leaders

Deeploy signs industry leaders in fintech and banking, such as the innovating neo bank bunq.


Our Responsible AI series kicks off

An event that brings research and corporate practice together to share the latest trends in AI.


Now serving Start-ups, Scale-ups & Enterprises

Committed to sustaining the advancement of responsible AI, we opened up a free version of our platform to the community.


Deloitte Rising Star

Deeploy voted as one of the top 3 most innovative and disruptive start-ups in the Netherlands.

The future

Steering AI in the right direction

Deeploy continues to grow, becoming the trusted choice across industries. Our focus on transparency and explainability allows companies to confidently advance in their AI efforts.

Our team

Our board of advisors