Junior Frontend Engineer

Junior Frontend Engineer

Amsterdam Fulltime Product

Hey there!

Thanks for your interest in our job opening. We hope this gives you a good impression of what it’s like to work at Deeploy, who we are and what we value. If we spike your interest, don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to have a conversation, no strings attached!


  • Our ambition: Be the goto technical foundation for accountable AI and enjoy the ride getting there.
  • When the job suits you: Experience is a nice bonus (this could also be an inspiring portfolio), but we focus on teamfit and engineering potential.
  • Technologies we use: Angular, TypeScript, Cypress, Docker. If you are unfamiliar with some of these technologies there is plenty of room to learn.

About Deeploy

Deeploy is a start-up with ambition. We try to solve one of the biggest challenges in AI nowadays: making AI/ML truly accountable.

We do this by creating state of the art MLOps software for AI developers focussed on giving them the best experience possible.

At Deeploy we like a technical challenge. The beautiful thing is that we are in unexplored territory. So we have to be creative, invest in research and work with our end-users. This way we try to make the best choices possible for our users.

You don’t have to do this on your own. We like to work in dedicated and multidisciplinary teams where all team members can have their own speciality. Ranging from design, QA, architecture and security.

We always strive for quality and perfection, at Deeploy this is a continuous learning process that happens during development. With progressive insights we adjust goals and approaches when necessary making ourselves and the product better.

This all makes no sense when nobody knows that we are doing all this awesome work. So knowledge sharing is an important part of what we do. As an engineer this means that you can actively contribute by writing technical blogs, speaking at events, etc.. Next to giving something back to the community, this is also a good opportunity for some personal development.

Most important of all, we love to be part of a team. Sounds a bit cliche, but o so true, as a team we are stronger than individuals, we learn from each other, both on a professional and personal level. Above all working should be fun!

Frontend Engineer @ Deeploy

Experience is a nice bonus, but not the most important thing. We focus on teamfit and engineering potential. To give you a bit of grip on what we see as relevant experience, you could think of for example:

  • A bachelor in computer science or similar
  • Relevant working experience
  • Personal projects that show your frontend programming skills

As a frontend engineer your job is focused but not limited to:

  • Learn new technologies, tools and techniques to improve your engineering practices and discover your speciality
  • Design and implement our frontend services
  • Our engineering culture
  • Coaching from your peers on your expertise
  • Collaborate with the team on priorities, specs, and progress
  • Present your ideas and designs to the group and receive valuable feedback

What to expect from us

We look for people that want to enjoy the ride of a start-up and benefit from the freedom in the role.

  • We like to share and celebrate the small and big milestones that we reach in our common goals.
  • We value our people and want to suit our benefits to people’s individual situation. We don’t do bidding wars on salary but offer a fair salary based on your experience.
  • Moreover, if we have worked together for a while and you want to get a bit more involved in the ride, we offer a strong employee stock option plan.

Have we spiked your interest?

Let’s have a talk! In the first meeting you talk directly with one of our founders, so ask everything you want to know. Send an email to jobs@deeploy.ml, write a nice story about the things you are proud of and why you like to work with us. If you are unsure about the completeness of your LinkedIn, add your CV as well.

How we proceed after the first talk

Because we think finding and hiring team members is one of the most important things we need to do right as a company, we designed a simple process so you know exactly how we proceed.

  • Step 1: apply for the job and give us a good impression of yourself. Next to a CV and motivation we are even more interested in personal projects that you are proud of.
  • Step 2: we schedule a meeting with one of our founders. This is a short informal meeting where we are mainly interested in who you are, what you value and where you are proud of. We may highlight some interesting things we read in your application but we certainly are not going to discuss your CV step-by-step.
  • Step 3: we invite you for another meeting, preferably with 2 team members who you are likely to work together with in your job. This time we give you a nice coding challenge. Depending on the situation we ask you to prepare the challenge before the meeting. Or even better, we invite you to solve the challenge in our office so you can get a grasp of the Deeploy atmosphere as well. We value your time, so we timebox the challenge to max 3 hours. Remember, experience is a nice bonus, but we mainly look at your engineering potential and team fit.
  • Step 4: we make an offer and welcome you aboard!
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