Our Partners

Building on the roadblocks that are laid ahead, Deeploy has extensive partnerships with AI Industry leaders and like-minded companies, pursuing innovation and responsible AI solutions.

Implementation Partners


Our Partnership with Lifely helps further accelerate the responsible development and deployment of AI. With Lifely’s long track record in identifying and crafting data-driven use cases for AI applications, we ensure our customers—both current and future— benefit from our latest innovation. More about Lifely


Considerati offers advice on legal, public affairs and responsible tech, helping organizations to innovate responsibly with technology and data. Partnering with Considerati supports Deeploy on best governance practices while providing Considerati access to novel technology. Deeploy x Considerati RAI Guide


Quantitas stands at the forefront of annotation services, medical data delivery, AI validation, and legal advisory, driving the advancement of AI-powered solutions in healthcare. Collaborating with Deeploy fortifies the market presence of both entities in the healthcare industry. More about Quantitas

Full Orbit

Full Orbit, with their expertise in Data Management, Data Visualisation and Data Science, enable clients to accelerate the transformation to data-driven organisations. More about Full Orbit


Enjins focuses on realizing lasting Machine Learning solutions with real business impact. By partnering with Deeploy, Enjins is able to complement their offer with explainable AI solutions. More about Enjins


Orq.ai logo

Orq.ai’s no-code platform allows teams to collaborate on building reliable Generative AI applications in a highly intuitive environment by leveraging the power of multiple Large Language Models.  More about Orq.ai


Deeploy and EnableNow partnership

EnableNow provides an open banking platform, enabling companies to get to know their clients better based on their bank records. Real use cases include real-time screening for credit or (financial) leasesMore about EnableNow


Taktile logo

Taktile’s decision engine empowers businesses to make smarter and faster risk decisions by enabling them to quickly and easily leverage AI technologies, Machine Learning models, and data in automated decisions. More about Taktile

Knowledge Partners

Hogeschool Utrecht 

Research into applications of AI and data-driven innovation, focusing on explainable AI and cooperative AI. The aim is to steer the development of AI in the right direction and to explore and, where necessary, record its limits. Deeploy x HU – Fin-X Collaborative Project

Erasmus University

The Erasmus University aims for innovative and interdisciplinary research and education in AI that places people and society centre stage. We closely partner on ethical AI topics, from hosting events and talks to collaborative networking. More about Erasmus University


The Responsible Applied Artificial Intelligence program brings together universities of applied sciences in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Together with its partners, RAAIT develops responsible design, development, and embedding of AI solutions with both research- and the corporate world. More about the RAAIT


A large number of researchers and teachers at TU Delft are working on activities related to AI, data and digitalization. These activities include the intensification of collaborations, partnerships and networks and expansion of regional cooperation. More about TU Delft


Partners of NL AI Coalition, co-hosting events and collaborative projects with the goal of accelerating AI for prosperity and well-being, taking into account Dutch and European standards and values. More about the NL AI Coalition


Open Loop is a global program that bridges the gap between tech and policy innovation to co-create and test AI risk assessment frameworks on different AI applications. More about Open Loop

Cloud Integration Partners


Partnered with Microsoft to created a seamless integration between Azure ML and Deeploy, allowing organizations to fully use the Azure ML capabilities with complete transparency and oversight. Deeploy on Azure Marketplace


The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global community of partners that leverages programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings. Being a AWS Partner, allows us to help customers take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer and accelerate their journey to the cloud. Deeploy on AWS Marketplace

Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides a range of services that allows businesses to build, deploy, and scale applications and services using Google’s infrastructure. Documentation for integration


Partnered with DoiT, who provides technology and cloud expertise to reduce cloud costs and boost engineer productivity. More about DoiT

Amazon Sage Maker

Amazon SageMaker is a machine-learning platform that enables developers to create, train, and deploy models on the cloud. By integrating Deeploy  the capabilities are extended to manageability, explainability & transparency. Documentation for integration


MLflow allows MLOps teams to manage machine learning workflows, aiding with experimentation, and reproducibility. By integrating Deeploy  the capabilities are extended to manageability, explainability & transparency. More about ML Flow

Azure ML

Azure ML  empowers data scientists and developers to build, deploy, and manage high-quality models. By integrating Deeploy  the capabilities are extended to manageability, explainability & transparency. Documentation for integration


Deeploy seamlessly integrates with Slack allowing organizations to to receive all Deeploy notifications directly in a Slack channel of their choosing. Documentation for integration

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