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Deeploy helps you to stay in control of your ML models. Easily deploy your models without compromising on transparency, control, and compliance.

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Nowadays, transparency, explainability and security of AI models is more important than ever. Deploy your models in a secure environment, continuously monitor performance and ensure transparency of model predictions.

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Having effective human oversight and the ability to control the risks of AI within our organization delivers clear insights and the possibility to train, monitor and provide feedback to our ML models. From Data Scientists to Customer Support has the ability to understand the model outcomes thanks to Deeploy's platform.

Ali el Hassouni

Head of Data, bunq

Since AI is integrated in multiple of our design and production processes, it is crucial that we can rely on a robust ML operations service. The deployment functionality of Deeploy enables our data scientists to quickly iterate on their productionized models. Moreover, the fact that we can always check the reasoning behind a certain prediction, allows our continuous improvement manager to give feedback on the AI system.

Marcel Artz

CIO, Vlisco

For an online bank like Brand New Day, it’s crucial to use data and AI safely, with good governance, monitoring and transparency in place. By working with Deeploy, we can use data and AI safely throughout our organization, enabling Brand New Day to scale to its next phase.

Nicolas Mignot

Head of IT Projects & Operations, Brand New Day Bank

With a few simple clicks the model is deployed and an endpoint is available for making requests to the model. The reporting section with nice graphs are also useful and thanks to the explainers you can more easy understand the outcome of your models.

Tom Van Den Bos

Program Manager AI & Data, PGGM

Explainability and an expert feedback loop are crucial to use AI safely within mental health care. By using Deeploy, we can pave the way towards the future by leveraging responsible AI in NiceDay’s mental health care platform.

Esther Janknegt

Managing Director, NiceDay

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