Deploy models responsibly

Take control of your ethical AI dilemma

Nowadays we face many ethical challenges: Lack of transparency, lack of trust, privacy and security. AI is not neutral and possibly susceptible to inaccuracies, discriminatory outcomes or inserted bias.

To stay on top of your game and be efficient and innovate in your business processes, AI can play a vital part. Deeploy’s platform allows you to integrate AI models in a explainable, accountable and transparent manner, contributing purpose and use of data responsibly.

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A transparent platform and flexible integration process, depending on the requirements of your needs. A scalable pay-as-you-go platform or tailored environment to specific high-risk uses cases.

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Never lose control of your ML models. Easily bring truly responsible models into production, without compromising on your governance requirements. Integrate seamlessly with your cloud service provider and existing code workflow.

Manage Deployments

Deploy and update your AI models in a few simple steps

Explainable AI

Support deployments with local and global explainers

Feedback loop

Facilitate interaction between AI and humans

Audit trails

Support for processes to comply with AI regulation

Monitoring & Alerts

Constantly monitor model drift, bias detection, and more

Meet us at Web Summit 2022


Deeploy is attending the Web Summit Conference in Lisbon. Meet our team at booth B306 or at the NL Lounge booth E127 as we are part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) trade mission.

Being part of the trade mission enables Deeploy to accelerate while it also provides opportunities to see how our vision of Responsible AI reflects at the conference.

We are looking forward to plenty amounts of networking and meeting other (AI) Tech based companies.