Hello! I am Nipun and I work as a Business Development intern at Deeploy. I am a recent graduate with a BSc. in Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. My previous experience was at The Next Web – a technical consultancy firm based in Amsterdam, as a Startup Scout. I have also worked in a startup sales environment in Barcelona where I worked at a database monetization firm.

Why Deeploy?

I chose Deeploy primarily due to Artificial Intelligence being an exciting industry that has been- and continues to be taking the world by storm by constantly providing new possibilities that were deemed impossible at some point in the past. Deeploy adds a layer of transparency through XAI which provides for a seamless ML experience with human accountability – further polishing the technology and making it future-proof when it comes to commercialization. In addition to this, the fun, helpful, and dynamic team at Deeploy makes it even better to work here!