• Previously a Responsible Tech Consultant and Responsible AI Consultant for Considerati, a legal, responsible AI and public affairs consultancy with deep knowledge of the tech ecosystem.
  • Contributed to an advisory report on the impact of AI on public values at the Scientific Council for Government Policy.
  • Bachelors in Philosophy and Master in ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Philosophy of Culture and Society’.

Why Deeploy?

Joining Deeploy presents an exciting new challenge where he can apply his AI and ethics expertise to align regulation, Deeploy’s product, and customer needs.

He firmly believes that to ensure its responsible use, AI models must be explainable to both technical experts and those who interact with the model’s output. Jord also believes that organizations need a centralized platform to deploy their (high-risk) AI models. This approach not only ensures compliance with the EU AI Act but also allows organizations to maintain control over their AI systems.