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Responsible AI for Mental Healthcare Recommendations

Press release

NiceDay, Deeploy, and Councyl enter into a collaboration project to help both mental health therapists and their clients by making use of AI. By leveraging NiceDays’ current online mental healthcare service available for therapists and clients, AI models will determine the optimal treatment and therapy. Both Councyl and Deeploy support NiceDay in the development of accurate, human-in-the-loop AI models, as well as methods to make these models explainable, accountable and trustworthy. This will lead to responsible application of AI, leading to more effective therapists and better service for clients. The initiative is backed by the Dutch Government in the form of an MIT R&D grant, where they landed in the top 3 of the 85 applicants, and fits well within the goals of the NL AI Coalition.

A collaboration between client, therapist and AI

The importance of AI is increasing in almost every industry. Whilst the usage of AI creates new digital opportunities to improve people’s lives, AI also becomes increasingly embedded in the decision-making processes. This leads to discussions about the extent to which individuals who are subjected to these decisions, should be able to understand how decisions are made. In order to enable further adoption of AI in mental healthcare, it should become and remain understandable by humans how decisions are derived. 

Collaboration model for AI in mental healthcare

The AI algorithms aim to predict the best therapy based on the treatment status and historical interactions. The algorithms are built using Councyl’s technology to train a fully transparent BAIT model based on expert input. By making use of explainability methods and feedback loops, psychologists and clients can understand how these algorithms determine the best therapy and can give feedback in order to steer and improve algorithms. Incremental Learning is used to continuously improve these algorithms. And a unique component will be developed to monitor the effect of AI decision support on expert decisions. 

The initial project stretches over a period of 18 months, with the first release of the system planned for November 2023.

About the partners

NiceDay is a leading mental healthcare platform, providing a service to therapists to help treat clients going through mental difficulties more effectively, ultimately strengthening the mental wellbeing of as many people as possible and aiming to make healthcare sustainable.

Deeploy has developed a platform for data scientists to apply AI responsibly, making AI decisions explainable and traceable for everyone. Deeploy has a special focus on healthcare, as the potential value and social impact of AI is often enormous, but can only be reached if we make sure that everyone understands how decisions are made.

Councyl helps organisations manage repetitive professional decisions, through a software platform that structures, models, and controls these decisions. With its unique Behavioural AI Technology (BAIT), Councyl makes implicit expert trade-offs explicit in fully transparent choice models, without requiring historical data.

The choice models form the basis to monitor, steer and improve the decision-making process without compromising quality and efficiency.

For more information or questions, feel free to contact info@deeploy.ml


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